Hulk Lifting – Your Specialised Lifting and Rigging Equipment Supplier.

With a wealth of stevedoring and industry experience, Hulk Lifting has been providing innovative lifting and rigging solutions tailored to various industries since 2008. We bring extensive expertise in delivering high-quality lifting equipment and exceptional customer service.

Hulk Lifting specialises in engineered lifting solutions for cargo handling in the stevedoring industry and beyond. Our comprehensive range of products includes a wide variety of lifting equipment, such as our world-famous flat chain slings, box spreaders, lifting and spreader beams, extendable spreaders, modular beams, bollard beams and container spreaders. Our off the shelf and custom-made lifting equipment is expertly manufactured exclusively for Hulk Lifting by RUD Chains, renowned for their technical expertise and quality. These purpose-built solutions are designed to optimise operations across different lifting industries.

Pre-designed lifting equipment enables us to provide fast and accurate quotes to our valued customers. Our range of designs not only reduce costs but also minimise any errors associated with starting a design from scratch. Our customer focused approach, combined with our extensive industry expertise, allows us to deliver solutions that maximise productivity, safety, and operational efficiency.

Quality and compliance are at the core of our operations. Hulk Lifting products meet or exceed all relevant Australian Standards and Marine Orders, ensuring the highest levels of safety and performance. Proudly manufactured in Australia, our products undergo rigorous testing and quality checks to deliver superior reliability and longevity.