Custom Made Equipment

Hulk Lifting manufactures a wide array of custom-made equipment to optimise your cargo handling operations including:

  • Storage trays.
  • A Frame trays.
  • Storage cabinets.
  • Shackle racks.
  • Landing gluts.
  • Scrap hooks.
  • Platform stands.
  • Man cage / work boxes.
  • Cargo lifting / lashing points.
  • Machinery lifting / lashing points.

Contact Hulk Lifting to learn more about our wide range of specialised lifting and rigging equipment or to discuss custom-made options to suit your unique lifting needs.

Hulk Lifting – Your Specialised Lifting and Rigging Equipment Supplier…..

With a wealth of stevedoring and industry experience, Hulk Lifting has been providing innovative lifting and rigging solutions tailored to various industries since 2008. We bring extensive expertise in delivering high-quality lifting equipment and exceptional customer service.

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