Box Spreaders


Along with our most popular box spreaders, we can also provide you with a custom range of box spreaders manufactured to your requirements.

  • 50 tonne WLL 1.5 metre x 1 metre Box Spreader. Designed to be light and easy to handle, it helps to reduce the crushing effects experienced when using legs attached directly from a crane hook.  This box spreader has 4 lift points underneath at a spread of 1.5m x 1m.
  • 50 tonne WLL 4 metre x 1.5 metre Box Spreader. Designed with 8 lifting points underneath, which allow for various lift sizes. It is 4m x 1.5m to the outside lift points and 2.4m x 1.5m to the inside lift points.  Twistlock boxes can also be included on top to suit direct attachment to G2 Ocean Vessels for seamless cargo handling.  Specifically designed for the stevedoring industry, perfect for a wide variety of cargo such as but not limited to steel pipes, steel coils, steel envelopes, d-bar, blue wrap, wire rod coils, machinery such as front-end loaders, forklifts, excavators, bobcats, breakbulk and other general cargo items.

Hulk Lifting also offers a variety of different sized Bulk Bag Spreaders, designed to streamline bulk bag handling.  Some of the most popular designs are:

  • 21 tonne WLL – designed to lift 14 bulk bags per lift.
  • 25 tonne WLL – designed to lift 10 bulk bags per lift.
  • 30 tonne WLL – designed to lift 12 bulk bags per lift.
  • 38 tonne WLL – designed to lift 18 bulk bags per lift.

Most lifting points on Hulk Lifting’s box spreaders are designed to meet their rated capacity at any angle up to 30 degrees from vertical (60 degrees included angle) in any direction.  This important feature, often overlooked in competitors’ designs, significantly reduces the chance of users incorrectly loading the spreaders.  Hulk Lifting box spreaders are robustly designed so you can trust in the reliability and safety of your cargo handling operations particularly when lifting from under combings in vessel holds.

In addition, Hulk Lifting can manufacture 20’ and 40’ Container Spreaders and Lifting Frames for reach stacker machines.  These specialised lifting solutions are designed to ensure efficient and safe lifting in diverse cargo handling environments.

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