Box Spreaders


Hulk Lifting have two popular designs for 50 tonne WLL Box Spreaders. The first has 4 lift points underneath at a spread of 1.5m x 1m. It has been designed to be light and easy to handle. It is ideally suited to small items up to 50 tonne and helps reduce the crushing effects experienced when using 4 legs direct from the crane hook.

The second 50 tonne WLL Box Spreader has 8 lifting points underneath, which allow for various lift sizes. It is 4m x 1.5m to the outside lift points and 2.4m x 1.5m to the inside lift points. Twist lock boxes have also been included on top to suit direct attachment to Gear Bulk Vessels.

Hulk Lifting also has a 30 tonne WWL Bulker Bag Spreader. Designed to lift 12 bulker bags at a time. The spreader has the capability to be used under a crane or reachstacker.

All lifting points on Hulk Lifting’s box spreaders are designed to meet their rated capacity at any angle up to 30 degrees from the vertical (60 degrees included angle) in any direction. This important feature is often over looked in competitors designs and greatly reduces the chance of users incorrectly loading the spreaders.

Specialised Lifting Equipment

Hulk Lifting

Pre designed box spreaders and lifting beams help reduce the costs and errors associated with starting a design from new and allow for fast and accurate quotes to be provided to customers.

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