Lifting & Spreader Beams


Hulk Lifting offers a comprehensive range of high-quality lifting and spreader beams, designed to handle heavy loads with ease.  Our lifting beams and spreaders are engineered for versatility, allowing for efficient and safe lifting operations in various applications.

Our product range of lifting and spreader beams includes but is not limited to:

Multi-Point Lifting Beams. Including the most popular:

  • 80 tonne WLL x 6 metre Multi-Point Lifting Beam. Designed for general purpose applications, theses multi-point beams can securely lock onto the twistlocks of container spreaders or reach stacker frames when used as a pair.
  • 75 tonne WLL x 12 metre Multi-Point Lifting Beam. Engineered to meet the specific requirements of oversized cargo.  This beam allows for an extended spread while also allowing for a short drift (headroom), which is essential for most ship cranes.

Other sizes include:

  • 30 tonne WLL x 3.75 metre.
  • 50 tonne WLL x 12 metre.
  • 80 tonne WLL x 8 metre.

Extendable Spreader Beams. These spreader beams can be telescoped to suit the specific widths of loads.  Hulk Lifting can manufacture extendable spreader beams to suit a wide range of applications.  Our selection includes, but is not limited to:

  • 20 tonne WLL x 4-6 metre extendable span.
  • 40 tonne WLL x 5-7 metre extendable span.
  • 50 tonne WLL x 4-6 metre extendable span.

In addition, Hulk Lifting can manufacture Modular Lifting Beams, Bollard Lifting Beams and Custom-made Lifting and Spreader Beams.  At Hulk Lifting we understand that each lifting operation is unique.  That’s why we offer custom-made lifting and spreader beams to meet your specific requirements.  Our experienced team works closely with you to understand your needs and design the solution that perfectly match your lifting applications.

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