Flat Chain Slings


Hulk flat chain slings are manufactured exclusively for Hulk Lifting by Rud Chains. They are the only self equalising flat chain slings available which meet Australian Standards using the latest in chain technology – Rud Ice 120 grade.

The unique design of the Hulk Flat Chain Sling allows equal load sharing of individual chain strands where angle factors or minor load bearing radius would otherwise impart unequal load to a sling.

The Hulk Flat Chain has a much greater bearing surface than a single chain of equal Working Load Limit (WLL), therefore greatly reducing the risk of damaging the material being handled.

The Hulk Flat Chain Sling combines the durability of chain, excellent edge protection and an extra wide contact area, to create a safer method of lifting and provides a safe durable and economic sling which perfectly suited for the lifting of steel coils.

The Hulk flat chain is also ideal for handling a wide range of steel products and project lifts especially when there is a need to thread the chain through narrow spaces.

The use of the 4 stands of equalised 120 grade chain in the design of the flat chain allows Hulk Lifting to offer a chain sling with the highest WLL available in 120 grade chain and the lightest weight chain sling for the given WLL available anywhere by any manufacturer.

These slings are designed as an Engineered Lift Application and are available in two sizes:

Basket Lift WLL @ 60 degrees
8 mm – 13 mm = Basket Lift WLL @ 60 degrees – 15.6 tonne
10 mm – 16 mm = Basket Lift WLL @ 60 degrees – 26.0 tonne

Specialised Lifting Equipment

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Pre designed box spreaders and lifting beams help reduce the costs and errors associated with starting a design from new and allow for fast and accurate quotes to be provided to customers.

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